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62 years old, coming recently to activism. A libertarian more than anything, constitution loving American. Power belongs to the people. Wanting to keep Idaho free.

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I consider vaccines, GMOs, chemicals in food, glyphosate and household toxins a perfect storm for cancer creation in a body.

I use a gro lite to start things in the cold spring. Right now I have a Meyer Lemon in N Idaho...under a 4 foot full spectrum gro lite. There are about 25 lemons on it. It stays fairly small and this year I decided not to put it outside because the change going in and out causes it to go into shock. It is happy inside under the lite.

There is also a really good book that was written a few years ago on how the food industry tries to addict us. Salt, Sugar and Fat - How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss. He was on Dr Oz a few years ago and they showed the brain scans of people on sugar. Very eye opening. I figured out why I am an addict and struggle so much with sugar. Then there are also the GMO sugar beets and the contamination with pesticides and glyphosate. That might not affect the brain but it does affect our health.

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